Code of conduct

We operate under the Code of Conduct of BLRT Grupp that describes the fundamental principles of our operation and conducting business.

Trust of clients and partners is a cornerstone for the success of the concern as a whole and every employee in particular. It has been earned by many generations of employees during over 100 years’ history of BLRT Grupp.

Our reputation and success depend on all of us. We bear responsibility for observation of our principles and follow our values in all that we do and say.

The Code of Conduct covers the main aspects of our activity, which are described in detail in the regulations of the concern.


Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (SR) refers to responsibility of companies for impact they have on their employees, society, and environment. It is an integral part of every company, whose business activities are based on the principles of sustainability. The Western Shipyard Group is creating value-based organisational culture and advocating equal rights of the employees, it takes care of occupational safety and health of the employees and invests in the development of competencies to promote career development and personal well-being.

Corporate SR Report